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Top Level > Hakko Solder/desolder Equipmen 0081
Tips for 808/470/472 8104 Page 1 of 3
Item Code Description Unit
Unit Qty
Qty Available
HAKA1002NOZZLE,0.8mm,EXT,817/808/807 $20.33 EACH 4 in stock
HAKA1003NOZZLE,1.0mm,EXT,817/808/807 $20.33 EACH 12 in stock
HAKA1004NOZZLE,0.8mm,817/808/807 $20.33 EACH 2 in stock
HAKA1005NOZZLE,1.0mm,817/808/807 $20.33 EACH 3 in stock
HAKA1006NOZZLE,1.3mm,817/808/807 $20.33 EACH 6 in stock
HAKA1007NOZZLE,1.6mm,817/808/807 $20.33 EACH 11 in stock
HAKN50-01NOZZLE, 0.8mm, EXT. FR-300, 817/808 $19.95 EACH 29 in stock
HAKN50-02NOZZLE, 1.0mm, EXT. FR-300, 817/808 $19.95 EACH 19 in stock
HAKN50-03NOZZLE, 0.8mm, FR-300, 817/808/807 $19.95 EACH 10 in stock
HAKN50-05NOZZLE,1.3mm,FR-300,817/808/807 $19.95 EACH 26 in stock
HAKN50B-04NOZZLE,1.0mm,FR-300,817/808/807 $24.00 EACH 19 in stock
HAKN50B-06NOZZLE,1.6mm,FR-300,817/808/807 $24.00 EACH 8 in stock
160520697773subs to number:HAKA1007 Click Item For Price
161216454433subs to number:HAKA1005 Click Item For Price
161375977176subs to number:HAKN50-01 Click Item For Price
161375998491subs to number:HAKN50-03 Click Item For Price
170951561448subs to number:HAKA1007 Click Item For Price
171234577959subs to number:HAKA1003 Click Item For Price
171234577960subs to number:HAKA1006 Click Item For Price
171253154865subs to number:HAKA1006 Click Item For Price
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