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Wall Plates 1801 Page 1 of 2
Item Code Description Unit
Unit Qty
Qty Available
GC 30-9731-BUWP STDFM 1 6P4C, 1F LTA $2.65 EACH 59 in stock
GC 30-9732-BUWP STDFM 1 6POS 4CON 1F IVO $2.78 EACH 24 in stock
GC 30-9733-BUWP STDFM 1 6P4C, 1F WH $2.53 EACH 60 in stock
MACWP-81DIVWall plate w/dual F-81 $1.78 EACH 38 in stock
UNVTEL1Telephone Jack Ivory (30-9707-BU) $2.99 EACH 300 in stock
UNVTEL1ALT ALMOND FLUSH JACK (30-9747-BU) $1.49 EACH 118 in stock
UNVTEL1WTelephone Plate (white) 30-9717-BU $3.01 EACH 64 in stock
UNVTEL2TELEPHONE HANGER PLATE (30-9704-BU) $3.99 EACH 208 in stock
UNVTEL2AALMOND WAL JACK 30-9744-BU $2.99 EACH 70 in stock
UNVTEL2WHANGER PHONE PLATE (30-9714-BU) $2.99 EACH 305 in stock
UNVTV-TEL2-TV WALL PLATE W/1 PHONE(300-237IV $3.99 EACH 77 in stock
UNVTV-TELW2 TV/ 1 PHONE WALL PLATE(300-237WH) $3.99 EACH 94 in stock
UNVWP59WALL PLATE W/F81 BULK (32-3062-BU) $1.99 EACH 64 in stock
UNVWP59ATV WALL PLATE ALMOND (32-3192-BU) $1.99 EACH 87 in stock
UNVWP59BCOAX WALL PLATE BROWN 32-3060-BU $1.99 EACH 7 in stock
UNVWP59WWALL PLATE W/F81 WHITE (32-3066-BU) $1.99 EACH 69 in stock
GC 30-9704-BUsubs to number:UNVTEL2 Click Item For Price
GC 30-9704-BUWP STDWM 1 6P4C IV Click Item For Price
GC 30-9707-BUsubs to number:UNVTEL1 Click Item For Price
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